Tommaso Marini



Ancona 17/04/2000




Jesi, Ancona


In unsuspecting times, he declared: "I'm stepping onto the piste to make history." Born in 2000 and bringing together elegance and determination, Tommaso Marini became men's world foil champion in Milan 2023. Tommaso is the youngest star in Italy's prestigious fencing school, on the attack since 2022 when, between the European Championships in Adalia and the Cairo World Cup, he won two silvers in the individual foil and two team golds with Daniele Garozzo, Alessio Foconi, and Guillaume Bianchi. And when the mask is off... A fashion fanatic.

It takes heart and a healthy kind of madness... A healthy kind of madness that I feed on every time I step onto the piste... I want to take this fire with me to Paris 2024.

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